COVID-19 Cancels Presidential Debate

Kylie Lange, Editor

The next Presidential Debate was supposed to occur on Thursday the October 22nd, but due to President Trump getting coronavirus, it will be virtual. 

However, Trump has refused to do the debate virtually despite getting the virus, while his opponent Joe Biden has already agreed to the debate.

On October 2nd, the First Lady Melania Trump and the president tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after the first debate. After being treated for and quarantined for two days, he said he was “already feeling better.” 

But when you look at the time it takes everyone else to get coronavirus, get symptoms, and recover, it becomes a little harder to believe that he was able to recover this quickly. Most people don’t get symptoms and don’t experience any symptoms until around two weeks after being infected. 

So if the president is just now feeling better, did he know he had it, or will he shortly be getting symptoms and it will take him longer to recover than two days? Or does he have access to resources that the rest of America doesn’t have access to that he hasn’t been using to treat anyone? 

Either way, the rest of the country should be outraged, many Americans like myself are. Trump has constantly spoke absolute blasphemy about the seriousness of the virus since January. 

Over 207,000 people have died from the disease over Trump’s leadership, yet he still downplays how deadly it is and often doesn’t wear a mask. While yes he was infected and no he has not died from it, it doesn’t make him godly, it doesn’t make him invincible, it makes him inconsiderate to not think of all those who have died. 

It actually makes him quite stupid because if he had worn a mask like he told the rest of America to do and listened to professionals, he may not have been infected. Masks are essential and voting for someone who can’t even do what he is told but expecting him to lead the country, will keep causing outcomes like coronavirus.