Get ready for your Spirit week!

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Next week, StuCo is hosting a spirit week October 19-23 to encourage students to show their school spirit and get involved. 

The first spirit day theme will be pajama day where students can dress comfy and come to school. Students can wear whatever comfy clothing or pajamas they want as long as it is school appropriate. 

Next, is matching your mask with your outfit. Students can either choose to dress as their mask or have their mask dress as them. 

Wednesday is red out day!  Dress yourself head to toe in red and show some school spirit. Brioche red, neon red, dark red whatever it may be, it is your time to wear it.

Meme day is on Thursday where you can finally dress like any meme you want. While it is supposed to be funny, make sure to keep it school appropriate as well. 

Last but not least is costume day where you get to wear a  Halloween costume. You must be recognizable and the face paint must not be too extravagant. 

While it isn’t our usual pre Homecoming spirit week, it will still give students a chance to feel a little normal again. To add a twist to this year’s spirit week, a competition will be held between the cohorts.