New Culver’s fast food chain opens

Abby Serrano and Alena Pheonix

High school students are given new working  opportunities due to Culver’s recent opening.

Culver’s is a Midwestern burger chain that’s famous for their butter burgers and cheese curds.  The first ever Culver’s opened in Wisconsin in 1984 and has spread throughout the US. 

We interviewed the manager of Culver’s , Ryan Hyle. “Hands down this is the best place in Montrose,” he said. 

We asked sophomore employee, Nick Ray, his thoughts on the food, “The chicken tenders are soft on the inside and bursting with flavor,” Ray said. 

Due to the pandemic, Culver’s has taken certain precautions for the safety of their employees and customers. “All of our employees are required to wear masks…everybody will be in gloves, including the front counter [workers]. We’re also doing daily screenings when our employees come in, with temperature checks [and] symptom checks… it’s definitely a longer process to get things open in the morning, but it’s definitely worth it.” Hyle said. COVID  has supposedly made it a struggle for business to get started. 

Although the employees must keep up with these precautions, they have their own personal struggles. “Sometimes, wearing a mask can make me panic while trying to do my job, but other than that no.” Ray said, “I have to wear this mask and it makes it even more hot,” freshman Miranda Mullin said. 

Culver’s employee serves guest following COVID-19 precautions (Abby Serrano)

Culver’s has gotten lots of positive feedback from the public. “I LOVED it!! I had the mushroom Swiss ButterBurger and it was amazing!” Emily Pheonix, customer said. Culver’s has been spread throughout the US and has finally come to settle in Montrose. Thanks to Culver’s new location, now high school students have another job opportunity.