COVID’s effect on spirit week


Natalie Lopez

Sophomores Tasha Sherpa and Kiersten Conrad take a small break from serving hot chocolate at Fun Lunch on November 13

Natalie Lopez and Chianne Overton, Reporter

Many school events have been cancelled or modified due to COVID, including this year’s homecoming, but the Student Council is working hard to make things as normal as possible. Spirit week has been modified so be a 2 week event so both cohorts can participate while in person. Cohort B held their Homecoming Spirit Week November 9-13. Cohort A will have their spirit week November 16-20. 

A spikeball tournament, fun lunches, dress up days, and homecoming royalty are the main events StuCo will be hosting. “We are still trying to bring [back] our traditions, even though we can’t have all of them. We don’t want the whole year to be completely sad, so we are at least trying to do something fun for the student body to get into,” Student Body President, Lydia Stryker, said.

Even though Student Council has been planning many events and activities, COVID has prevented more than one challenge in achieving some goals for student participation.

“One of my big goals going into being president this year was to bring a lot more people to games, but now there are heavier restrictions so that has been really hard. Also just bringing overall spirit, the whole atmosphere is kind of down,” Stryker said. 

In spite of the pandemic and the lack of participation throughout the school this year, StuCo is trying to lift everyone’s spirits and will continue to brainstorm ideas to help uplift the student body.

“We hopefully want to bring us out of the funk we’ve been having, we’ve hosted a couple of other events and we’ve seen minimal participation,” Stryker told us.

Spirit week didn’t have the greatest turnout but StuCo is still trying to make this school year as normal as possible.