Strong start to the season



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Isaiah Alcazar and Harlen Edgell

The MHS boys basketball team is off to an undefeated start to the season as they beat the Coal
Ridge Titans Thursday night with a score of 48-58 making the teams overall record 3-0.The Montrose basketball team now 3-0 beating Montezuma-Cortez 64-43 and crushed Delta with the score of 60-42. Also cutting it close with Coal Ridge with a score of 48-58.
It’s no secret that the season has been rather difficult due to the pandemic. Between not knowing if the season was going to be canceled, and having to even wear masks while playing, this season has been an interesting journey for the Montrose Indians.

“Well it’s been annoying with the season starting and wearing masks all the time,” junior Javier Esparza said. “We couldn’t even practice with both cohorts until like 2 weeks before tryouts.”
“Yeah, [wearing a mask] affected me. Wearing one got me in shape, ” Junior Trey Reese said. “It
sucks because we have less games.”
All members of the team are adjusting to the rules and regulations that come with COVID. “Nothing is normal this season. The team’s normal routine for games and practices is totally different,” Coach Ryan Voehringer said. “The biggest change is obviously practicing and playing with masks on.”

It’s important to know all of the challenges COVID brings to the season because it affects how they will play. The team has already had to deal with quarantining multiple players at once. “Yeah, that was right before tryouts so that was hectic and it sucks being quarantined,” Esparza said. “Now we’re doing everything we can to avoid being quarantined and avoid putting
ourselves in the situation to get COVID.”
So far, the Indians have scored a total of 182 points, with an average of 62 points per game. Their Field Goal percentage is 47, and they now have 3 games under their belt.
It goes to show that even with these challenges our players face, their hard work and
determination will always prevail, and is a testament to how great Montrose high school
basketball team is.

“My motto for the season for the season is take nothing for granted,” Coach Voehringer said.
“Play every play like it’s your last!”