Concerts to be recorded this year due to COVID-19


Jonathan Dreitlein and Vaughn Gann

According to the band director of MHS, Sheridan Loyd, concerts for symphonic and jazz band will be recorded this March opposed to being played in a public space because of the coronavirus.

The students and staff have mixed reactions to this news. Some support the decision because it lowers the risk of COVID transmission, but others, band students especially, are saying that they wish there was a better alternative so that their friends and teachers could watch as well. But for now it seems like an alternative isn’t too likely.

“So far we’ve been doing recording sessions with the two jazz bands and doing a video for the parents, we’ll see what happens 4th quarter, but for now we’ll continue making recordings,” Loyd said.

Even though concerts will be recorded from now until at least 4th quarter, students have been understanding of the COVID circumstances like wearing a mask with a slit in it while they play. While they may not enjoy the new requirements they agree that this is the best choice for now.

“Frankly I’m not too fond of how we don’t get to have an actual concert, but it is important to limit our exposure,” freshman and tenor saxophone player Ivan Edstrom said.

Other COVID regulations for band students not only include playing masks but covers for their bell and a 30 minute break half way through class. This made students feel like the concerts weren’t as good as they could’ve been, making it harder to play.

“We didn’t talk about how they affect the players, the playing masks and bell covers can affect the players by inhibiting their range and/or sound,” freshman tuba and alto saxophone player Jiovanny Aguirre said.

Montrose High School Staff and students agree that it’s better than nothing, but live music is far more preferable. 

“There’s really no substitute for live music, I played music, and I understand it’s different when it’s recorded, then if it’s live,” science teacher John Boyers said.