Boy’s Wrestling: Defeat Durango in their first match.


Caitlyn Cowin and Blake Gregersen 

The Montrose Wrestling team lost 21 to 53 on Thursday, February 4 against Fruita Monument High School at Fruita High school.

Montrose High School boys wrestling just started their season taking down Durango but lost to Central on January 30, 2021 on a Saturday. The team won 54 to 27 against Durango and lost to Central with a close 36 to 39. Leaving them with 1 win and 2 losses for the start of the season.

Senior Joshua Simpson didn’t get the chance to wrestle Thursday but did on Saturday January 30. “Saturday I got one pin,” he said.

Preparing for matches has been different this year. Between the delayed season and different regulations for practice, it has been difficult for the coaches to prepare the team members.

 “We work on what we work on in the room and once they’re out there it’s on them to perform,” Samples said. “As far as practice goes it’s a lot less technical coaching and a lot more wrestling and getting in shape.”

As they continue to improve, COVID continues to change their plan. Many changes have been made not only for the Montrose team, but statewide. 

“We have to wear masks while we are outside of our small groups,” senior Colten Brueggeman.

Masks are mandatory for the players and for whoever is allowed in the building during the match. The only exception is when the players are on the mat, they can take them off during their match. The wrestling year was delayed while the state was deciding these restrictions causing a short season for the year. 

“We didn’t get to start at the end of last year, but I’m glad we are wrestling at all,” Brueggeman said. 

The coaches know that this year has been hard all around for the players but also know that hard work pays off once continuously practicing everyday. 

“A lot of different things happen in this world where kids, I mean, you gotta understand there’s points where excuses, not excuses but other things that you might have not thought about that are gonna come up and you’re just gonna have to adapt to them,” Samples said.

They will have their next match on Saturday, February 6 at Paonia. This year has been rough for many of the wrestling teams, but by example from the last few matches, the Montrose Wrestling team continues to strive for the playoffs.