Senior Feature


Morgan Pelham, Senior feature

Senior Sage Wilber is known for her fiery red hair as well as being a natural born leader. She loves volunteering and is on 3 government councils,which include the Colorado Youth Advisory council, Colorado Crisis Youth Services, and Youth Summit. Sage also is on the leadership team for NHS and she helped start up the Columbine middle school virtual tutoring. 

“In my free time I mostly attend my meetings for the council I’m on, work at Dunkin Donuts, hangout with my friends, do yoga and run,” Wilber said.

Wilber will be attending Fort Lewis Collage in Durango Colorado to major in History with a secondary teaching certificate or biochemistry to start her path to become a dermatologist. She is still undecided which path to take.

“My high school experience was definitely interesting but I made a lot of fun memories in biology class with Mr.George,” Wilber said.

 Wilber made a lot of friends and good memories at her time at Montrose High school but is excited to start a new chapter in her life. She is looking forward to the future and her life ahead of her.