Senior feature


Sofia Sheriff is known for being outgoing and for always being a friend when you need one. Sofia has a sweet personality and she likes to spend her time painting.

Sofia plans to attend college at the nearby CMU. Sofia is planning on going to go study for art education for grades through k-12 grade.

“I already got into CMU and I’m really excited,” Sheriff said.

During Sheriff’s  free time she likes to be with her family and friends, to be out in the outdoors and go hiking and to just be in a new scenery. Sofia enjoys being with her sister Daytona you could say they do everything together.

“Being with friends and family makes me happy when I get to spend quality time with them and still have a balance between friends and family”, Sheriff said. Sofia believes that having a good balance is important when you want to do certain things in life.

Sheriff also mentioned that her high school experience was different from others  due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sheriff feels sad that she didn’t get to do many things due to the pandemic and she feels like she missed out on many opportunities. But Sofia also feels like she improved over the years, because her freshman and sophomore year she felt like she struggled during these COVID times.