Senior Feature


Morgan Pelham

Lydia Stryker is a very outgoing and kind hearted senior. She loves hanging out with her family and friends, going fly fishing and mountain biking with her family, and hyping up the student section at home games and showing school spirit.

Stryker loved her high school experiences, she loves being involved with school activities and the students and is looking forward to doing it again in college.

Lydia is our student body president and really enjoys it. She try’s her hardest to make sure she made this year for us as good and fun as she could even having to overcome the obstacles of covid.

“I love being able to represent the student body and make it a great year for everyone,” Stryker said.

Stryker will be attending Colorado State University to major in construction management. She wants to do the residential end of construction and has her real estate license right now.  She enjoyed high school and all the memory’s but is looking forward to starting a new chapter of her life.