Aiden Hutto: Overcoming Adversity


Courtesy Photo

Aiden Hutto continues to persevere and keep his positive outlook on life.

If you know anything about Aiden Hutto, you know he has overcome many medical obstacles since birth. Through those experiences though, he has gained a great personality and a passion for sports and magic.

Hutto was unfortunately diagnosed with a form of brain cancer on December 13th of 2020.

“At first the experience was overwhelming, but overtime I realize[d] that there are a lot more people than I thought that have cancer, and there are a lot more people that are way worse than I am,” Hutto said, “So really I almost take this experience as a blessing [because] I am not worse off than I am.”

Hutto has always been an athlete and is having trouble without having sports as an outlet.

“I am dreading missing both basketball and baseball seasons, but I am enjoying sitting back and taking a break from the physical things athletes have to do,” Hutto said.

Hutto has learned how to embrace this hardship in a positive way and keep himself strong.

“If I could tell the whole world something about cancer, I would tell them that this disease
doesn’t define who you are,” Hutto said, “It is just a temporary thing, an obstacle, but it is not who you are. I am still Aiden, just Aiden with cancer.”

Hutto has always been quite the magician but has had more time on his hands to get even better! He keeps himself busy and optimistic by mastering his Rubik’s cube, diving into his schoolwork, and watching new tv shows.

“What keeps me optimistic about life right now is that I have more life to live,” Hutto said, “I have a senior year to look forward to, I have plenty of baseball and basketball games to compete in, I have a girlfriend to love, I have a family to be with, friends to hangout with, [and] vacations to go on. I look forward to being [a] more ambitious and risk-taking person in the future.

Aiden’s twin brother, Luke, has had a hard time without his brother and misses him during sports. Aiden has become Luke’s motivation to do well during his basketball games.

“It’s definitely been rough,” Luke Hutto said, “You never think that you or someone you love is going to get cancer until it happens. He’s my best friend and it’s been rough not having him around. But I just need to be strong and do what I need to do for my family while he fights and recovers.”

Aiden is and has always been a bright ball of energy for everyone in Montrose, especially his coaches.

“Aiden is one of the most unselfish and thoughtful people I have come across,” Coach Wareham said, “When he was going through some incredibly tough procedures at the beginning I texted him to see how he was doing. He told me to not worry about him and pray for his family. Going through all that pain all he cared about was how his family was doing.”

The people of Montrose back Aiden and his family during this journey.

“[Aiden’s] got all of us in his corner and this is just another thing [he’s] going to beat,” Coach Wareham said.

To support Aiden and his family in their fight against brain cancer, you can participate in the games and food that will be held at cobble creek on April 11th at 4pm. 100% of proceeds will go directly to the Hutto family.