And There Will be a Prom!


Amili Chavarria

Candace Miller photography, DaLee Salon, and the Mac Co. partnered in efforts to make prom as special as possible by planning a free event to help local girls prepare for prom.

Miller originally attempted to do this event in 2020 but was unable to because prom was canceled because of the pandemic.

“We want to help high school students get ready for prom, prom is a big event in your high school lives,” Miller said.

DaLee salon provided hair and makeup tips, Miller took photos, and the Mac co. sold macarons as refreshments.

Girls were able to bring dresses they used for past school dances and switch them for new dresses that were brought in by other girls. 

It was a completely free event apart from the macrons.

STUCO announced a Promcoming event , similar to a spring fling, that will include all grades 9-12, it will be free from 7pm-11pm on the MHS football field, on May 8th, 2020.

A separate Prom event will be held on May 22, 2020. This event is only for juniors and seniors or sophomores who are asked to attend by an upperclassman; no freshmen. This dance will be from 8pm-12pm.

Picture/ Candace Miller photography