Senior Feature


Tristan Diaz is known for being outgoing and for always being there for his friends and family. Tristain is also known for having the cleanest cuts.

Diaz plans on attending CMU and majoring in nursing.

“I am really looking forward to nursing because I find it interesting and because it makes good money,” Diaz said.

He is looking forward to having the new responsibilities and life choices that conclude his freedom when he graduates. He is also looking forward to spending more time with his friends as well.

Tristain’s high school experience was okay in his opinion due to the COVID-19 pandemic and because he missed out on certain opportunities that would’ve made his experience more enjoyable.

Some of Diaz’s hobbies include wrestling and racing cars with his friends.Tristan spends his free time with his friends and family. Him and friends like to go hiking, wrestling and boxing.