Senior Feature


Seyde Delgado is known for being a kind hearted girl who likes to be with friends and family. Seyde likes to spend her time with friends and family as much as possible before she leaves for New York City.

Seyde felt like her high school experience was new and different. “I was able to find good friends, clubs and classes that I enjoyed”, said Delgado. 

Delgado is planning on moving to New York to go to Cornell university after graduation. She plans to go on and study animal science and marine biology. Seyde plans on becoming a veterinarian.

A few of seyde hobbies include fashion, plants and animals as well. She likes to do these things with her family and friends as well.

The thing Seyde is mostly looking forward to after graduation is to exploring a new area she has never been to and to having the experience of meeting new people. Seyde is looking forward to starting over in a new city and can’t wait for the adventures that are headed her way.