Senior Feature


Morgan Pelham

Miriam Elkins is planning on going to Biola University to get her bachelors degree in music education to become a music teacher. Moving from San Diego her junior year really affected her high school experience. 

“I feel like if I had been more social with people, then I would’ve been able to make more friends and it would have been better” Elkins says. 

Her and her sister started a club called masterpiece but it got disbanded because of our split lunches. Elkins also plays piano, writes music and reads. She loves to hike and enjoys being outdoors but works a lot and has a busy schedule. 

Miriam’s favorite High school memory was a spring dance her sophomore year. They didn’t dance but they played laser tag and she had a lot of fun. She made some good memories her high school years but is excited to start a new chapter of her life