Prom controversy


Amili Chavarria

The original one event Promcoming was announced to students and parents via Instagram and many hateful comments were posted that attacked not only the event but the students who are doing their best to host events for all students. 

The comments posted on the MHS Instagram account showed the true selfishness and hatefulness of not only students but also adults in our small community. 

“Originally the one event was intended to be an inclusive fun event for all and we ended up having both events because ultimately everyone has missed out on a huge part of the “high school experience” this year! I do think that if people would’ve asked and suggested nicely we would be at the same compromise we have now because ultimately our goal in STUCO is to represent our student body’s voices.” STUCO president Lydia Stryker said.

Covid restrictions are beyond the control of any STUCO member. In these difficult times,  there have been various adjustments and compromises that everyone has had to make, prom being is one of those events.

People failed to remember that there was not enough money for a big traditional prom, and STUCO was only attempting to make a fun event for all students to enjoy after a year with little fun activities. 

Instead of positive feedback, comments from student such as—

 “What Karen made this decision”

“How do I dislike a post?” 

“What a joke”

“Burn the school at this point”

“Y’all getting egged”

We’re received.

A few parents even decided to jump in with

“Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves”

“This would have been a good April fool’s day joke… smh… up next graduationcoming… no heels…no family allowed but children under the age of 6. Enjoy your senior year class of 2021.”

Some people need to be much kinder and respectful in the way people address things, every person handles things differently, Kindness always goes much farther and is much more important than meanness.