Helping the homeless


Courtesy photo

Amili Chavarria

With a population of 20,414 there is a 18.97% poverty rate in Montrose Colorado in 2021.

Shepherds Hand is a nonprofit organization that has worked hard to help the homeless and low income people in the Montrose area since 2011.

Starting at MADA (Mexican American Development Association) on N. 6th street and shutting down because of COVID in 2020, the nonprofit organization has slowly built a comfortable space in a new location on 505 S 2nd St #4, it is in the building of the old Valley Lawn Funeral Home.

“Some people think because it was a funeral home it’s haunted but it’s not. I’d like to think we’re bringing life to it,” said Shepherds Hand president, Garey Martinez.

The goal of Shepherds Hand is to help the homeless and low income get on their feet and provide them with commodities they may not have easy access to such as hot meals twice and a to go box if they would like, clothing, housing, showers, laundry services, wall lockers, computers, and even the financial assistance. 

“We’re able to provide services now we weren’t able to provide in the past and we’ve only been doing this now in this location for the last two months, so this is very big for us, being able to provide all of this in one location,” Martinez said.

Being homeless can really take a toll on somebody’s mental health, Shepherds Hand is trying to get other non profit organizations like the center of mental health to work in the location so those who need a conference with someone can do so without going somewhere else. 

Overall Shepherds Hand works hard every single day to help people become a better version of themselves and help them feel like they are not alone.