Senior Feature


Morgan Pelham

Randy Hollingshead is a sweet and very caring guy, who loves to help out and be active. His greetings in the hallway will put a smile on your face. He has had  a  good high school experience and really enjoyed cooking and the track meets. 

“My favorite high school memory was making muffinnsssss for our group Project Unified” Hollingshead said. 

 After he graduates he looking forward to time off and relaxing at home watching movies. 

“My favorite movie is charlie and the chocolate factory and i love playing games on my phone.” Hollingshead said. 

Randys favorite place to go during the summer is Lake Powell to go swimming. He also enjoys hockey, riding his scooter and loves to watch football especially the broncos. Even though he has had a fun time in high school he is excited to graduate and do more things on his own. He is very excited to start this new chapter of his life.