Senior Feature


Morgan Pelham

Jorja Wallace will be attending Montana State University in the fall to major in bsn nursing. Wallace’s high school experience was good until COVID hit. 

“When covid hit it affected my grades really badly. I would fail all my classes when i was online because it was hard to stay focused while i was at home, but the weeks i was in school i would get all my stuff done and my grades would go up.” Wallace said.

She really enjoys the outdoors, especially walking around Riverbottom and riding her bike. 

Jorja was in ROTC all four years and did choir for two. Her favorite high school memory was the Homecoming football game with choir when they got to sing the national anthem and then sat in the bleachers with her whole class and they all had their faces painted. Wallace loves school spirit and will miss all the good times she had in high school but is excited to go on with her life.