Student body president candidates


Amili Chavarria

Running for student body president is Luca Field, Dani Breuggeman, and Austin Griffin. Running for student body vice president is Liam Berryhill. Voting will be available from May 14 to May 18 until the end of the day. 

Luca Field plans to revitalize the school spirit with inclusivity where every student has a voice.

 “Imagine a school in which every student gets excited to attend a certain event through the school, whether it be a movie night or a pep rally, or even a hype student section,” Field said. 

Field toured three different high schools in the Denver area that prioritized inclusivity and school spirit, giving him a bigger idea of the improvements he’d like to bring to MHS. 

“I learned that our school needs to be worked on in terms of fun for the students. Our events are slow and inconsistent and we deserve a school that we enjoy and are proud of collectively,” Field said.

Dani Breuggeman plans to approach the job spreading positivity and better advertising events happening in the school. Breuggeman has three years of experience and was class president both her sophomore and junior year.

“I am truly dedicated to representing the student body and making this the best year I possibly can for everyone,” Breuggeman said. 

Liam Berryhill, running for student body Vice President, plans to help create a more warm and welcoming environment at MHS. He will advertise events to the students and work hard to make the events as fun as possible. 

Berryhill has two years of experience in student council and is currently being inducted into national honors society. 

“I feel as though my leadership skills have evolved and are ready for this position. With all my hard work and determination, as well as my leadership I will be the best candidate in order to listen to the student body’s feedback, make changes, and make sure everyone is participating and having fun,” Berryhill said.