Class presidents and class Vice President candidates


Amili Chavarria

Running for junior class president is Naomi Lee and candidates for junior Vice President are Tashi Sherpa and Santos Roman-Enrique. Running for sophomore class president is Danika Bush. Voting will be open to students May 14 to May 18 until the end of the day. 

Naomi Lee, running for junior class president, has experience in stuck and hopes to return to a more “normal” COVID free environment with more events relevant and interesting to students. 

Tashi Sherpa, Junior Vice President candidate, hopes to include every student and make them feel welcomed in school. If elected she would like to collect a brief reflection sheet for students about their emotional, social, and academic progress to ensure everyone is in a good place 

Sherpa’s main goal is to help students become the best version of themselves while creating a healthy fun environment at MHS. 

“I bring a unique perspective and I am dedicated to go above and beyond for this position. I’m committed to developing my leadership skills along with learning any new techniques required in the process to ensure that I best represent the Vice President position,” Sherpa said.

Santos Roman-Enrique also running for Junior Vice President, hopes to represent the large Latino community at MHS and have them be more active within the school. 

Roman-Enrique supports Luca Fields perspective, he believes that many changes should be made with the inclusivity of students and the entertainment and consistency of events planned at MHS. 

Danika Bush, sophomore president candidate, strives to make the school environment a fun place for students to interact with one another, she hopes to get more feedback from students in order to be able to put together events all students would enjoy.

“I will listen to your ideas, because everyone’s opinions matter,” Bush said.