Senior Feature


Zachary Vincent is planning on attending the university of St. Andrews in Scotland. He plans on studying the art of history to become a museum curator one day. 

Vincent feels like his high experience was challenging, but it was also a fun and exciting time as well. Zachary was able to make good friends who he hopes to stay in touch with.

Zachary felt like his most memorable memories in high school were marching band and speech and debate.

Vincent is looking forward to the new memories he is about to create. He will miss his friends and family while he is gone, but he’s ready for the new change and the adventures that come along with it. 

He is also excited to explore Scotland and the rest of Europe as well. Zachary is mainly excited for his studies and traveling.

Zachary has always liked the school atmosphere. Vincent likes to continue to learn something new everyday.

Zachary’s hobbies include reading history books, hiking and giving speeches about global politics in speech and debate. He also likes to learn new languages and listen to classical music.

Vincent is ready to start his new life and have the new responsibilities that come along with it.