Senior Feature


Denise Terrazas Corona felt like her high school experience was interesting because she had to experience going through school with the pandemic happening.

She was able to make new friends and was able to get good grades. She was also able to find out who her true friends were.

Denise also got to participate in senior awards and she was able to get her CNA certificate as well.

She believes that her senior year was her favorite year because of all the new things she was able to experience.

Terrazas plan after high school is to continue working for a year and spend extra time with friends and family before she goes to college to pursue nursing after her gap year.

Denise’s hobbies include hiking, travel to new places and to spend quality time with her dog.

Terrazas is looking forward to sleeping in because she feels like she really hasn’t had the chance to sleep in at all since she’s been in high school.