Prom is here!


Amili Chavarria

Prom is right around the corner! 

Prom court consists of Jake Green, Zac Cagle, Jordan Jennings, Lydia Stryker, Angelica Suarez-Lemus, and Kylie Morris. Prom king and queen will be announced the day of prom. 

Grand march will be at 7pm, at the football field, no tickets will be required. The dance itself will begin at 8pm.

The food science class has worked hard to come up with a prom menu everyone would enjoy. 

Italian sliders, Hawaiian ham and cheese sliders, jalapeño popper bites, lil smokies, and taw cupcakes, for dessert they will make caramel popcorn, brookies, and bite sized raspberry cheesecake. 

“We’re working on how much food we’ll make and potentially adding another dessert option,” said food science teacher, Morgan Gurule.

There are high hopes of this way of prom being a success, with all the difficulties Covid had brought, this event is truly for students to have a good time in reward of a difficult year. 

“It is cheaper then normal this year. I know everything with COVID has been hard, so we want to make it a possibility for as many students to go as possible,” said STUCO president Lydia Stryker. 

Tickets are only $10 this year. If students would like to bring a person that does not attend MHS then they have to fill out a guest form. 

The theme is starry night, which would set a good mood since it is outside under the actual night stars.

The dj will be rock box, who was the dj for the 2019 homecoming and students seemed to really enjoy his music.