Class of 2022: Harrell

Class of 2022: Harrell

Aiden Harrell felt like his high school experience was enjoyable, except for his freshman year.

Harrell felt like his freshman year was a struggle due to the fact he had to find new friends and see what high school was truly about.

Harrell plans on going to college near his family in Arizona. He plans on attending a community college called Yavapai.

Aiden feels like it’s a good cheap way to still attend college without becoming dead broke through college.

Aiden’s hobbies include playing soccer with his friends, being with family and just spending quality time with his friends as well.

Harrell is mainly looking forward to living on his own and finally being able to control the aspects of his life.

Aiden has been playing soccer for about 12 years now and he also used to do wrestling, but he feels like he connects more to soccer.

Harrells favorite memory of high school was just having fun with friends, like being able to experience new and different things throughout high school with his closest friends.