Student councils new year

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Student council is excited to present activities this coming year and making up for some fun times that were missed last year for students and staff. This year we have Luca Field Student body President and Liam Berry-hill as our Vice President. Student Council and leadership is already planning Homecoming on September, 25 and back to school events for our student body. Not too much has been set in place though we do have a few ideas for this year’s activities.

Homecoming is going to be the Montrose Indians theme as our ”last hoorah” and will be held on September 25. The parade will be held on September 22 on Main Street with an Indians theme as well.

We have Can Crushes which is the same concept where you spend a dollar to give your crush a can of crush soda. To keep it a secret you can pay an extra dollar to keep the person from finding out who sent it. If you do not, the person you sent it can pay a dollar to find out who sent it.

Penny wars, another idea is where students bring as many coins as possible and teachers have to count it out. Until the teacher finishes counting the class does not start.

Student council hopes to hold a talent show this year since last year was online. 

 Color run was something the Student council was hoping to hold where students would run the specified amount and at the end would be sprayed with colors.

Newly to student council freshman orientation going as smoothly as possible and worked as planned. Student council has successfully run another freshman welcome. With good things to come, student leadership is excited for another great year