Class of 2022: Bailey


Xavier Amaro

Caitlin Bailey felt as if her experience throughout high school was interesting, but also somewhat a struggle.

Due to having her junior and senior year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Caitlin said “I feel like I did the best I could through school even with the pandemic happening around me”.

Bailey plans on going to college to either become a trauma surgeon or becoming a doctor.

“I plan on either attending CMU or going to Washington state to go through their medical program”.

Caitlin feels like her hobbies include work, school and trying to prepare for the next chapter in her life.

Bailey is looking forward to seeing where life takes her and to being in a new life place rather than being here in Montrose.

Caitlin doesn’t do any sports in high school.But she does do snowboarding.“I enjoy snowboarding in the winter with my friends”.