Mask mandate at MHS


Kylie Lange, Editor

   As mask mandates start to die down and vaccines start becoming essential, there still seems to be a debate on the effects of covid.
   Many people continue to refuse the vaccine even though it has shown to have over a 90% success rate with the Pfizer vaccine having 95% proficiency. Due to the new  Delta variant of the virus, rates for success of the disease have dropped down to 80% with booster shots helping stop the new effects of COVID-19.
The Pfizer vaccine was approved by the FDA on the 23rd of August. However if you have a medical condition that makes you ineligible for the vaccine and younger children still are unable to receive it.
With a lot of us having younger siblings and many teachers having children, this makes Montrose High School students responsible for all doing our part. Yet there seems to be almost nobody even wearing masks and many unvaccinated students.
“I have two young kids at home,” counselor Tony Cimaglio said, “with the new research they’re finding out about the delta variant I just worry about getting them sick because they can’t get the vaccine.”
Many of the precautions of COVID go unnoticed and therefore increases the spread, because of the political controversy surrounding the disease. But 7,000 people have died in Colorado this year, over 4 million world wide, while annually the flu takes around 30,000 lives.
The argument “my body my choice” only seems to apply to people who are healthy enough to get the vaccine and choose to put those who cannot at risk. See “all lives matter” until people think it is infringing upon their first amendment right to keep Americans healthy and follow simple protocol.
“It’s not really a choice when you’re putting others at risk,” said senior Israel Marquez.