Do you know how dangerous the milk crate challenge really is?


kaitlin krause

At this point, you cannot find the milk crate challenge that originally started on the dancing and video app TikTok on many social media platforms anymore because of how dangerous it is. 

The trend was originally started by Matt Lyon also known as “Hood Panda” who is a stunt person with experience in this type of danger. The video went viral and people started to try it on their own. Some teens told it was “the funniest challenge since the ice bucket challenge.” 

Tiktok has since removed the challenge from their app and deleted every video that was posted for community guideline violations. If you search up the hashtag “ milk crate challenge” nothing comes up, however people have tricked the app and use different hashtags like ‘milkk cratee challenge’. 

There was no evidence that any MHS students took part in this challenge, but many students did view others hurting themselves.