Lulac plans for new year

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Lulac had their first meeting on September 1 Wednesday to discuss their new year plans.

“This year we’re helping fill the machines at school as well. We plan on doing our cinco de mayo celebration. And we do a lot of other activities that pop up around the year,” junior Jennifer Gutierrez said.

“Jinny” the co-president of LULAC is working her best hoping that they could make it to Canyon City or Moab for their end of the year trip. This year LULAC will also run the vending machine to raise money for this trip. They do keep busy with year round activities as well.

“The atmosphere created by everyone in the club makes it an easy going and enjoyable environment. The activities we participate in to help the community bring a sense of satisfaction as well as memories. So overall, it is just fun to interact with all these different people and see the outcomes to the activities we do,”Gutierrez said.

Lulac is a club that loves to bring a fun environment and memories to the community. It means so much to its members to bring a smile to others’ faces. 

“Like my son says ‘even if I make a difference in one kiddos heart that is huge’ so I’m just trying to make a difference, ” LULAC Sponsor Becky Moreno said.

Moreno is trying to inspire her students and make a difference. She does this by holding meetings and helping fundraise for these students to be a part of something they feel makes a difference; and have a great high school experience. 

As of last year with COVID participation was scarce and not easy. With roughly only four to five students in LULAC. Meetings were difficult with masks, COVID rules, and getting students together at the same time. 

This year the goal for LULAC is participation and making the best of their year