Class of 2022: Feild


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson

Luca Field says “ high school has been nothing but amazing and I have developed a love for enjoying the high school experience to the fullest”. 

Luca’s plan after high school is to become a pilot and get a business degree through doing online school at CSU.

Field feels like this will give him the opportunity to travel the world and get a degree that he wants.

“I want to open my own business and whatever else that aligns with my hobbies”, said field.

Field’s hobbies include weight lifting, skiing, mountain bike racing and trail running. Luca pretty much likes to do anything that involves being outdoors.

Field used to race for the mountain bike team and did basketball as well when he was a kid. Luca feels like he is more of an individual player than being in a team when it comes to sports.

Luca is mainly looking forward to traveling the world and building “my life and working hard to create a future I’ve envisioned since I was a kid”, Field says.

Fields favorite memory of high school would be contributing his time and effort into the Montrose high school school spirit. Luca feels like he has had a lot of enjoyment and enlightenment from the hype and spirit.