Telluride Film Festival 2021


Brianna Medina

This week the annual Telluride Film Festival occurred in Telluride, Colorado. It started on Thursday September 2, 2021 and ended Monday Sep 6, 2021


Film Festival is an event where new movies are premiered and you get the chance to watch a movie months before it is released. 

The annual Telluride Film Festival was cancelled due to the Coronavirus last year so this year it was highly anticipated. 

“I was so excited for the Festival this year, it’s my first time and it is definitely living up to my expectations.”


With thousands of people attending the festival, the city of Telluride was strictly enforcing masks in all indoor areas no matter your vaccination. 


“It is unfortunate that we do have to wear masks but I think that is necessary for everyone’s safety,” said one Telluride local. 


The most talked about move this year was “King Richard” starring Will Smith. This movie is about Serena and Venus Williams growing up playing tennis being coached by their father Richard Williams. People had many good words to say about not only the movie but also the new original song “Be Alive” sung by Beyoncé which was played in the closing credits. 


            A big part of the Film Festival that people were excited about was meeting their favorite celebrities. Celebrities like Dakota Johnson, Jaime Dornan, Kristen Stewart, and Maggie Gyllenhaal were at the festival.


           “Meeting Dakota Johnson was like a dream come true,” said a Film Festival guest. 


           Overall after a long wait the Film Festival was a success.