What is it like being a freshman?

Kimberly Wood , News reporter

In my experience, being a freshman is very different from middle school. Being a freshman means the classes are more challenging, the school can sometimes be hard to navigate, and more interactive, peer and teamwork based learning. However, being a freshman does have its good sides. We have more freedom than we did in middle school, with open lunch and choosing some of our classes. So, in my experience thus far, being a freshman isn’t the worst thing ever- it’s just different and exciting, yet sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Anyway, that’s just my experience so far, let’s see how other freshmen are doing and their experiences.


Since the classes are different than they were in middle school, here’s what a few freshmen have to say about them


“They are more challenging because I take harder classes” says freshman, Paige Sharp. 


“I don’t have a favorite subject, but I like graphic design.” Says freshman, Thomas Dullea 


Now, we’ll find out their what their favorite classes are


“Probably Honors World Geography with Ms. Wagner” says Sharp


My favorite subject is French and Geophysical science” says freshman, Surid Hernandez


Finally, how their experiences thus far have been different and what is liked


“It’s fun.” Says Hernandez 


“I enjoy the new freedoms like being able to go off campus for lunch” Dullea says