Class of 2022: Nickerson


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson

Aliana Nickerson felt like her high school experience was good for the most part except for last year because it was during the pandemic.

But besides that “I was able to make new friends and all of the friends I’ve made my freshman year are still my friends now”, said Nickerson.

Aliana plans on taking a gap year so that she can make good money before going off to cosmetology school.

Some of Nickersons hobbies include reading, drawing, cooking and riding as well.

Aliana is mainly looking forward to being able to sleep in and not having a bunch of different deadlines for school.

“I played sports my freshman year but then I had to stop playing during sophomore year due to family problems”, said Nickerson.

Nickerson is planning on attending the technical college of the Rockies.

Aliana’s favorite memory of high school was her freshman year mainly because “I was able to get close again with my best friend again and made a bunch of new friends”, said Nickerson.

Nickerson feels like that’s the reason why she is the way she is now. Aliana feels like her friends were always there to make sure everything was good and everything and she also appreciates the fac5 that her friends also encouraged her as well.