Student enrollment remains consistent even as class sizes grow


Kate Donohoe

Montrose High School Students walk through hallway during passing period on Monday, September 27, 2021.

Kate Donohoe, News Reporter

Student Enrollment rates at MHS this year are consistent with those of past years, even as class sizes grow and hallways crowd.

Although an official enrollment count will not be recorded until October 1, there are currently 1,412 students that have attended school for one or more days.

“I think we have physically 1412 bodies enrolled in MHS right now,” MHS principal James Barnhill said. “I do have a large number of kids that are already starting to not attend, so whether we get to count those numbers or not has yet to be seen. They have to physically be here, attending class [on October 1], to be counted.”

While some classes have been more full than in previous years, this is not true across the board, and hallways are no more crowded than they were in years before COVID.

“It is not the largest group I have ever had, by a long shot,” Kindra Kurtz, Ninth Grade English and Ninth Grade Honors English teacher, said. “I will say that part of what is deceiving regarding class sizes too, is that a lot of kids are gone/absent/quarantined, so I have not had full, full classes.”

“Our class sizes are large, but hallways are the hallways. They always seem to be packed, especially the smaller hallways, width wise, in the older part of the school,” Barnhill said.