Class of 2022, Cameron Trujillo


Morgan Pelham

Cameron Trujillo-Johnston’s plan after high school is to take a gap year and work and then she plans on attending CMU for a year and then after a year switch over to the CMU’s sister school in Hawaii.

“I am mainly looking forward to having the new responsibilities and freedoms that come after high school. I’m looking forward to starting the life I want and making the easy and hard decisions as well,” Trujillo said.

Some of her hobbies include hanging out with friends spending time with family, cheerleading, hiking and writing poetry. She has done cheerleading for three years and then she did basketball for four years from 6th grade to freshman year.

“I would say my favorite memory of high school would have to be either preforming at state for cheer or just sitting in bowmans class with my friends and making each other laugh and smile and the thing I miss the most is taking naps in bowmans room with my bestie or just running and getting coffee for bowman.” Trujillo said.

Her high school experience was good for the most part. There were some ups and downs throughout the years but so far her senior year is her  favorite out of the rest of the time she’s been here.