Class of 2022: Young


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson

Anthony Young felt like “ my high school experience was pretty similar to a lot of people’s experiences, but some days felt like I was reenacting the movie Ferris Bueller’s day off”, Young said.

Anthony’s plan after high school is planning on going to school to either become a Harley Davidson technician or on becoming an electrician.

Young’s hobbies include computer design, working on Harley Davidson and hanging out with friends.

“ I’m mainly looking forward to having the opportunity to make my own decisions in life and to get to go anywhere I like without asking”, Young said.

Young felt like his junior summer going into senior year was his best memory. “ I felt like this summer was the best memory, because I got to spend time with my closest friends and I had the time of my life whether it was getting in trouble with them or just hanging at my house with them,” Young said.