Another blowout win for homecoming


Brianna Medina

Montrose running out to face The Junction Tigers

Josiah Mora

Montrose won their 5th and last non-league game (54-7) on Friday September 24th against the Grand Junction Tigers.

The Indians blew past the Tigers scoring 40+ points in the first half, those touchdowns came from Austin Griffin and Bridger Kurtz while Ethan Hartman and Gabe Miller scored two each.

“We overall had a great game with not many mistakes,but the main thing we could improve on is definitely watching more film and getting better at the smaller things like our rules,” senior Isaac Lavato said.

In order to put over 40 points in a half is hard to do. It requires good chemistry and good playing from everyone and having over 10 seniors and players that have been playing with each other since they were little helps out with that.

It’s definitely way more fun, the chemistry between all of us is just unmatched, if someone I just met yesterday started playing next to me I wouldn’t  feel as confident compared to the guys I’ve been playing with for about 4 years,” Lavato said.

After going 5-0 in non-league games Montrose keeps moving down in ranks because CHSAA uses a (RPI) system which uses team’s winning percentage and their opponents winning percentage to figure out the seeding for the playoffs.

“To be honest I love being the underdog, it gives us the chance to prove that no body can compete with us,”Junior Jason English said.

Now that all the non-league games are over Montrose is going to be put to the test against bigger teams over the Mountains like Palmer Ridge and Ponderosa.

“We just gotta keep working together and keep striving to be a better team, I think this team has something special and if we keep working as a unit at all positions we will be great,” English said.

Playing in one of the top games of the week #4 Montrose will travel to go against #1 Palmer Ridge on Friday October 1st  for the first league game for both teams. This game could be streamed on the NFHS network.