MHS student body gathers in the football stadium for HOCO assembly



Students participate in a fun obstacle course to during the HOCO assembly on the Football field.

Amili Chavarria, News Reporter

Montrose High School Student Council  hosted their Homecoming Assembly out on the football field at the end of the day September 23. 

The assembly on the field was to keep COVID quarantines as low as possible, and have more space for student games and activities. 

STUCO did their best to encourage student participation during the assembly. Sports teams took to the field for friendly competitions where athletes were expected to compete in sports that have skills contradictory to the sport they play. For example, track runners attempted to score goals against varsity goalie, Iker Ayesta.

“Student involvement is so important for student council, it’s one of our missions, and we took note for next time to have more kids come down and interact in front of the student body and staff,” student body President Luca Field said. 

In the assembly there were activities not only involving fall sport teams, but also teacher events as well. There was also a game of musical chairs. One highlight form the competition is when art teachers Mr. Morris and Mr. Leonard duked it out over the spare chair, and Morris nabbed it. Mr Thyre was the ultimate teacher champion of musical chairs.

Homecoming court was also presented to the student body before online voting closed laster that evening. 

Despite being a challenging event to organize and put on, STUCO hopes to host more school-wide assemblies this year making only minor changes.

“The sports competition was kind of rushed so in the future we should definitely keep an eye on the time and explain it better. Everything else went very smoothly,” STUCO member Emily Grace Raphael said. 

STUCO feels that the assembly was overall successful even with all the last minute adjustments they had to make and they hope to be able to make another in this 2021 school year.

“I believe assemblies provide students a unique ability to be with the entire student body and interact with their peers and take a well needed break from the usual days and get out and have some fun with other students,” Field said.