Senior Aiden Harrell


Senior Aiden Harrel midpass as he warms up for the game against Central

Chelsea Garcia

Last Thursday on September 30 the Montrose High School boys soccer team took on Central High School and won the game 6-0 on their home field.

One of the outstanding seniors this season has been Aidan Harrell. This season his stats for Montrose High School include scoring 10 goals, assisting 9 goals and being a motivational friend on the team.

Harrell began playing soccer at roughly 5 years old with the Montrose Rec Center. Harrell’s talent for the sport was noticeable at a young age when the Rec Center didn’t want him playing for the Rec anymore because he scored too many goals.

Harrell’s soccer career continued with the Avalanche soccer club from 5th grade to his sophomore year in high school. He then decided to change clubs and began playing for the Fire club team for a higher level of competition.  Harrell has always enjoyed a challenge on the field and loves playing against older players.

Harrell has looked up to Lionel Messi, a professional soccer player, during his soccer career.

“I always liked the way Messi played and the way he could take on half the team on a good day” Harrell said.

Harrell’s favorite memories with the Montrose high school boys soccer team have been scoring game winning goals and his teammates.

“I loved my teammates like brothers. I don’t think there are many people who could replace the teammates that I’ve had” Harrell said.

After high school Harrell plans to play another season with Fire then began playing for Yavapai college in Arizona.

“Aiden was the most hard working player I’ve ever met from the montrose high school, he always gave his all and he always wanted to be the best at everything. He was probably the best player to come out of Montrose. Him and I were a crazy duo, he quit for personal reasons this year but I hope he has a great future, that’s my brother !” Former teammate for the Montrose high school, Diego Vargas said.

“Aiden is competitive and always pushes his teammates to do better and if they need help with a move he teaches them how to do it better.” Former teammate, Christian Lucero said.

Harrell had his final game with the Montrose High School on September 30, against Central as he has decided to step away from the team due to personal reasons.