Homecoming royalty


Tashi Sherpa

Homecoming royalty nominees

This year’s homecoming winners for seniors are Josue Fuentes and Kyle Cohick.

 Junior winners were Dmarian Lopez , and Jennifer Guiterez. Sophomore royalty

 winners were Alonzo Trujillo, and Danika Bush. The freshman winners are Barny

 Algacs and Sienna Mora.

“I was honestly really surprised I didn’t think I would be nominated but I was super

 excited to get the chance to be. I have a few friends in a few grades who were super

 excited and supportive when they found out.” Alicea Vigil Junior said.


Vigil was super excited and shocked at this huge nominee for junior year

 homecoming. Homecoming nominees worked hard to advertise themselves for the

 win. Nominees played an important role in influencing homecoming sharing the

 event and allowing more students to participate. This year being so different from

 last year, winners were allowed to go through parade and participate in more royalty