Freshmen locked down

Kimberly Wood, News reporter

Montrose High School decided to lockdown the freshmen starting Wednesday September 29th, 2021 due to recent behavior, complaints regarding students behavior while on property of businesses surrounding the school.  Montrose High School has also confirmed that there have been attendance issues when returning from lunch.

Principal James Barnhill visited all study halls to explain to the freshmen the reason for his decision. He stated that student are not always our best when in large groups, so he was going to have freshmen stay on campus to limit the amount of students in the community at one time.

 Montrose is not the only community who is dealing with destructive student behavior. In nearby cities, such as Grand Junction high schools are facing similar problems. The Walmart in the vicinity of Central High School has come to the decision of banning high school students in their store between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. 

Since the freshman class is rather large, with 365 currently enrolled students, some may say that the cafeteria is more crowded than it was before during lunch. However, students are allowed to eat outside to have more room. 

Teachers are also concerned about student behavior when they are in the community.

“If it helps our community I’m in favor of it,” teacher Dan Herod said.

“I think the freshmen worked hard to put themselves in this position, and they’ll need to work hard to get themselves out,” math teacher Nina Flanagan said.