Class of 2022: Bustin


Xavier Amaro, Senior Feature Reporter

Alayna Bustin is an easy to talk to senior at Montrose High School, and while she is quiet, she gets along well with just about everyone. Bustin’s most known for her bright personality and willingness to help those around her.

“I’m very passionate about helping people and providing what I can for the success of others,” Bustin said.

She enjoyed her four years of high school and getting to know her peers as well as getting involved in various activities at MHS as well as her church community.

“My favorite part of high school has been having the opportunity to get more involved and meet more people as well as establishing new friendships,” Bustin said.

After high school she plans to take a gap year to get a job as a CNA & spend time traveling.

“Although I have not yet decided where I’d like to travel, I hope to go out of the country at least once,” Bustin said.

After her gap year, she plans on attending college at Grand Canyon University to receive a degree in nursing. She plan to further her formal education starting in Fall of 2023. She’s currently enrolled in an ‘Introduction to Health Care’ course at CMU to boost her early start in her nursing career. 

Bustin is also currently involved in managing the high school’s varsity football team.  

“The team feels more like a family than anything,” she said.

Bustin has been heavily involved in several youth groups and Bible studies. she’s also led worship groups in church and youth groups throughout all four years of high school. 

“I think I love being involved in youth group because of the strong bond my peers and I were able to built makes it feel more like a family”, Bustin said.