Vandalism across MHS affects custodians


Adrian Alvarez

One of the boys bathroom stalls by the vending machines after getting vandalized by Kool-Aid

Kylie Lange, Editor

The string of vandalism that occurred around Montrose High School in late September has started to slow down recently, but the events resulted in consequences for all students and caused more work for our janitors. 

The two major events were the red Kool-Aid syrup sprayed in the boys’ bathroom along with part of the brick railing being torn off Coffee Trader. Multiple places around the school and surrounding businesses also experienced items being stolen. 

This has led to new restrictions on hall passes, lunches, and the vending machines. All students now have to sign out to leave class and just recently the vending machines were opened to students. 

The freshmen are locked down for lunch and can no longer leave campus during the school day. For the upperclassmen who want to leave during lunch, they must show their student IDs to leave the building. 

Most upperclassmen are getting tired of this because, not only is it honestly not funny, but it’s annoying that we are having to get monitored like children. Especially seniors, who just want to have fun last year. The more restrictions we have the less fun it becomes. Luckily, the vending machines have been turned back on. 

The vandalism is especially disrespectful to the custodians who have to clean the mess up. It isn’t their job to clean up vandalism on top of the their daily tasks. 

We should feel guilty about making their job harder and most of us take for granted the work they do and still have the audacity to disrespect our custodians. 

“It takes us an extra 45 minutes to clean up [the vandals] and we have to work quicker,” said custodian Mike Shull.

The custodians have a full shift’s worth of work each evening, and when they have to spend extra time cleaning up disrespectful vandalism, they do not have time to get the rest of their job done.

Fellow custodian Richard Abrahamson added, “It just seems disrespectful to the school to me and it makes more work for us.”

We as students build this school and shape the experience we have through our actions. If we want to be treated with more freedom it needs to start with our actions and how we treat others and respect other’s property.