Loyd challenges Fishering for District E seat on MCSD school board


Amili Chavarria, News Reporter

Sarah Fishering, the incumbent, and Courtney Loyd, the challenger, are the two candidates running for the District E seat for Montrose County School District. The election is Nov 2. 

Fishering has served a four year term. She is from the United Kingdom and moved to Montrose in 2014. She has over a decade of experience in education as a student recruiter, in career preparations, management, and other positions.

“I’m running for re-election for the same reason I ran for election in 2017. I believe that in order to build a healthy community we must invest in our children’s education. I wanted to serve our community and our kids. Serving on the school board gives me the opportunity to do that in a very structured way,” Fishering said.

Fishering has two daughters that are currently attending Montrose County Schools, and is a business owner of two businesses in Montrose, the AT&T store and a distillery. 

Fishering aims to prioritize the students and their safety and education, she also aims to be a collaborative leader that brings communication improvements with parents and students 

“My only campaign promise is to continue to make sure that our district’s students come first in all board deliberations,” Fishering said. 

Courtney Loyd is a wife and mother of 3, she was a preschool teacher and tries to volunteer in her children’s classrooms.

“Being a mom, and having time invested in various classroom settings, my motivation for running for the school board is to advocate for the voices of our students and parents, in cooperation with our teachers, for the goal of bettering our school district’s overall performance,” as stated on Loyd’s campaign materials. 

By running for this position she hopes to improve reading proficiency in students because it provides comprehension and time management and overall represent with character and integrity.

“I believe that literacy is a tool that empowers a student in learning, across every subject,” as stated on Loyd’s bio on the MCSD website.