Class of 2022: Nash


Cameron Trujillo- Johnson, Senior Feature Reporter

Ezra Nash is a very adventurous person who likes to spend most of his time outdoors. Some of his hobbies include skiing, mountain biking, camping, surfing and swimming.

Ezra has participated on a swim team for well over eight years but he mainly got into mountain biking and camping when he got into high school. Since then those have been his main interests and hobbies.

“I have been skiing since 6th grade and have been skiing ever since,” Nash said.

Nash felt like his high school experience was alright because of having his junior and senior year during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even through that, “I’m grateful for the friends that i’ve made during my four years here,” Nash said.

Ezra is looking forward to having more responsibilities and just over all being more self-sufficient.

Nash is planning on being a pilot. He wants to become a pilot because “it has always been an interest of mine and I want to make it a reality of becoming something I enjoy,” Nash said.

One of the activities Nash will fondly remember is him going to football games with his friends to cheer on the Indians.

“I feel like this was my best memory because I would go to these games with my friends and every game I went too I had fun and the crowd would always go wild for our team. It was plainly just a good time,” Nash said.