Class of 2022: Coulter


Xavier Amaro, Senior Feature Reporter

Josie Coulter is an avid soccer player who is elated to be continuing her soccer at Fort Lewis in Durango next fall. She committed to playing for them Nov. 10.

Coulter says her favorite part of high school was learning that she doesn’t need to have a ton of friends but only a few who can really be depended on. She values true friendship that can be difficult to find in high school. She’s proud that she and her two best friends Mari Wilson and Julia Beshoar have stuck together all four years of high school and being able to have experienced it together is the most important aspect of the last four years. 

“I think what makes me unique is my commitment to my friendships,” Coulter said. “We’ve kept a strong thriving relationship for the past six years and that’s what makes me proud the most.” 

Coulter is interested in ocean life, and  wishes to transfer to California to specialize in marine sciences after she plays for Fort Lewis. 

Coulter is mostly known for her soccer skills on the field, but is also a year-round athlete. She is an important member of the varsity basketball squad and will run on the track team in the spring.

“I’m definitely known for my success in soccer,” Coulter said, “I play soccer religiously and basketball in the winter.” She also plans on joining the track team in spring. 

Coulter has a strong view on the idea that popularity and caring what other people think is overrated. She says that her noticing that early on is a key factor of why she had a great, independent high school experience.

“I’m also really glad that I was able to come to the realization early in my high school experience that I didn’t have to care what people thought or what they had to say, that made a huge difference for me and helped build my character throughout high school,” Coulter said.