Student council making the holiday season fun.

Amelia Avila, Reporter

Student council has been working hard this year to create seasonal school activities for the MHS student body including activities such as Halloween spirit, a pumpkin carving contest, and a possible new fundraising events. 

“StuCo is really trying to bring the joy back to the school, so doing fun things, like decorating the halls and passing out candy, just those little moments of joy. Those are a success in my book,”  junior student council member Katherine Ensor said.

For the week of Halloween, the halls and temperature screening areas were decorated and candy was passed out in the morning. Students seemed appreciative of the festive burst of sugar first thing in the morning. StuCo considers Halloween week a success because it brought out some smiles from the student body, as they got into the seasonal spirit. 

One new event was the pumpkin carving contest where students were encouraged to carve their own pumpkin, take a photo of it, and  uploaded it to their graduating class Google Classrooms. The pumpkins were then judged by three STUCO members. The winners were:.

“It was great! It was a simple and fun contest to put together for the student body. We got a lot of participation and it was nice to see everyone’s pumpkin carvings,”sophomore and head of the pumpkin carving committee Ashlee Petranovich said. “Putting everything together and looking at everyone’s pumpkins with my committee was fun.”

Student council has been on task with new activities for the school creating a positive environment for the students as well as charitable events.