Montrose rotary club celebrates 100 years of helping the community

Amili Chavarria, News reporter

The Rotary Club of Montrose celebrated 100 years of helping the community and contributing to become a better Montrose, with an event at the event center Saturday Nov 6. 

Through the years the Rotary Club has supported the construction of buildings that unite the community including helping the process of building the Pavilion in 1990, Montrose Regional Library in 1985, the Event Center, and the new Amphitheater that is currently being built.

The Rotary club has always been determined to help students, and has provided third graders with dictionaries for years and helped families buy shoes for their children before every school year. 

Along with supporting the community they support the people in it, Dr. Mary L. Vador, DO travelled to help provide cleft palate surgery to children in less fortunate countries in Central America. 

“We work to make a major difference in the communities that we serve,” former Rotary Club president Tonya Maddox said.

For this celebration Rotarians put together an event; they included classic cars all the way down to 1921 and one of each century up until 2021, Hillaree Nelson who was named woman of the year by National Geographic gave a speech about perseverance, along with that they enjoyed a meal and music.