MHS connects with community through social media


Kaitlin Krause, OnTrend Reporter

The students in StuCo have created multiple social media accounts including a Facebook, Instagram, and a newly added TikTok page to communicate upcoming events and announcements to students and the community.

The purpose for making a social media accounts is so the school can generate more school spirit and support. Along with the Instagram page for the high school is called “mhs_indians and the TikTok account can be found searching “mhsspirit.”

There are eight videos posted on the TikTok page highlighting sports games, homecoming candidates, school spirit, and one specifically special one celebrating cancer awareness month. 

“We wanted to participate in another form of social media that would engage more students and overall community,” junior Naomi Lee said. 

There is an organized group of StuCo students who run the pages. Tashi Sherpa, Naomi Lee, and Emily Grace Raphael work together to keep the students, staff, and community aware of important happenings. Administration is aware and apptove of the pages. After showing administration the first video of a fall volleyball game, they were asked to also post and promote the club fair that was presented to students.  

“We talk about a TikTok video in our committee and get everyone’s approval,” said Sherpa, a junior in MHS. 

One TikTok STUCO posted was a tribute to a fellow student who went through cancer. Aiden Hutto, a senior at the school, Hutto was diagnosed in December of 2020.  The TikTok was a congratulations to Hutto for beating cancer this school year.

 “I actually don’t know whose idea the TikTok was, but it was a blast!”Hutto said.

As of right now the TikTok page has not posted any new videos because StuCo is trying to find ideas outside of our sports games.

“We are currently in the process of asking teachers and other staff for any other events they have so we can highlight those as well,” Sherpa says.